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Osage Orange Selfbow, Deposit

Osage Orange Selfbow, Deposit

Books are temporarily closed as my wife and I welcomed our first child into our life. I have a few existing orders I will finish, then I will reopen orders after spending a few months with the family.

This is a deposit only.

Bow lead times may vary so please reach out to me to find out my current wait.

Each bow is built by hand by myself to fit you. My bows are extremely shootable for a selfbow as they feature a shelf and ergonomic grip. I will reflex the tips on request but not past the point of being a longbow, I do not make recurve selfbows. Once I’m about to start your bow I will call you and we can talk about what you want (of course you are free to call me before hand as well)

Base price for a standard bow is $825 plus shipping,

Talon target model (a heavy mass riser) start at $895 plus shipping. including hardwood tip overlays and custom made string.

Add rawhide backing $100

Add beavertail grip $80

Regular leather grip $60

Antler limb tip overlays $50

Snake skins, call for pricing and availability

These bows have been proven in the woods and on the competition range.

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